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Rupert Harding-Newman

Chief Operating Officer 

Billy Hodgins

Chief Financial Officer

Ellen Dewerson

Chief Marketing Officer

Will Ramsay, CEO & Founder

Will Ramsay is the founder and CEO of Ramsay Fairs. His first foray into the art world began with the launch of his London gallery, Will's Art Warehouse, in 1996. Will founded the gallery with the aim of making art more accessible: he wanted to help people learn more about art and dispel the misconception that you have to be a squillionaire to buy art. 


Will went on to establish the Affordable Art Fair in London’s Battersea Park. The fair can now be found in New York, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Stockholm, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney, and has welcomed millions of visitors through its doors over the last two decades.  


In 2019, Ramsay Fairs acquired VOLTA, a well-established contemporary art fair, and more recently Will has become the custodian of the British Art Fair, which, over its three-decade long history, has featured the very best of Modern and Contemporary Art.


Additionally, Will co-founded Art Hong Kong, which became Art Basel Hong Kong, with Will as a Board member. He also co-founded Taipei Dangdai and Art Central Hong Kong and he ran PULSE in Miami for 14 years.

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Stephanie Kelly Gordine

Regional Managing Director & FD - Australia

Cristina Salmastrelli

Regional Managing Director and Fair Director Pulse - US

Julie Constant

Regional Managing Director - Europe


Jennifer Conner

Regional Managing Director - UK

Nick Forster

Non-Executive Director

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