Rupert Harding-Newman

Chief Operating Officer 

Billy Hodgins

Chief Financial Officer

Ellen Dewerson

Chief Marketing Officer

Will Ramsay, CEO & Founder

“In 1996, I opened the doors to Will’s Art Warehouse showcasing works priced between £50 – £2,500, from a pool of over 150 relatively unknown artists. Prices were clearly displayed and we were always on hand to give customers more information. Everyone loved the relaxed atmosphere in which they were free to take their time browsing the work – and that is what inspired the idea for the Affordable Art Fair. Over the years, each fair has developed its own distinct character and offers a diverse range to suit all tastes, styles and wallets. What remains constant is the emphasis on accessibility, education and innovation, to ensure a fun day out surrounded by great art is had by all!

We are now selling art online too, extending our fairs into a 365 day shop for art."

Steph Kelly.jpg

Steph Kelly

Regional Managing Director & FD - Australia

Cristina Salmastrelli

Regional Managing Director and Fair Director Pulse - US

Julie Constant

Regional Managing Director - Europe

Nick Forster

Non-Executive Director


Christian Gladwell

Non-Executive Director