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Our Charitable Mission is to improve people’s lives through art.


Within that mission, our objectives are to provide charitable givings as follows:

  • To work with charities working in the field of Art Therapy

  • To organise programs that support emerging artists

  • To provide access to art and art education to everyone

  • To help people fall in love with art.


Since 1999 we have provided £6.1 million of charitable giving through our time, space, expertise, and cash donations from ticket sales, art sales and more.  Here’s how:


Helping charities, monetarily:

  • We have donated over £1.3million to charities worldwide since 1999.  Mostly these have been to local charities in each city where we have a fair.  The focus of our charitable giving is now entirely focused on charities who use Art Therapy to help those in need, be they kids with difficult lives, prisoners, ex-servicemen with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, cancer sufferers, and many more.   

Supporting emerging artists:

  •  Since 1999 we have donated £1.9m worth of stand space and advice to emerging artists 

Providing access to art to those familiar and unfamiliar with the contemporary art scene.

  • Through our programming, we have provided £2.9million worth of art education globally.

  • Over 3.1million people have visited our fairs, which allowed new populations to be exposed to art and its incredible effect on people.

  • Over 530,000 artworks have been bought at our fairs.  We estimate that this has taken art into over 220,000 homes.


In addition, we have provided opportunities to many small and often struggling businesses, be they galleries or artists:

Helping galleries:

  • we have enabled over 15,800 galleries to sell over £480million of art.

Helping artists:

  • we have helped over 15,000 artists to make sales of over £150million.  Many have told us that through the art sales made at our fairs they have been able to afford to rent a studio, give up their part time job, and create art full time.  


We aim each year to provide over £¾million in charitable givings.


Each fair’s team select a charity operating in their city in area of Art Therapy.  Please visit each fair’s website (Partners page) to see which charity they are currently working with.  Charities we have helped (or still help) include:

Cooltan Arts is an award winning, stigma-busting creative arts and wellbeing centre run by and for adults with experience of mental distress.

Cooltan Arts is an award winning, stigma-busting creative arts and wellbeing centre run by and for adults with experience of mental distress.


Hong Kong Cancer Fund is Hong Kong's largest cancer support organisation, providing free information and professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer. Our goal is to make life better for people touched by cancer.


The Art Therapy Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free art therapy services to underserved populations in the New York City area who have experienced some form of trauma, including war veterans, at-risk youth, and survivors of domestic violence or sexual abuse. Our mission is to utilize the visual arts to provide a therapeutic experience for participants that will enhance their physical, mental and emotional well-being.


SKETCH provides creative training initiatives for street-involved, homeless and at-risk youth. Their model of youth engagement enhances both practical and transferrable skills, while serving as a conduit for increased wellbeing and social and civic participation. Participants have endorsed the SKETCH model as an effective and life-affirming approach to surmounting the constraints and stigma of poverty, homelessness and marginalization.

Millerntor Gallery Kampala inspires visitors to become socially active by using the universal language of art, music and sport.

Fata Onlus assists kids that have been abused or mistreated by their families in a residency structure. They run art therapy programmes for the kids living in the residence and for families (moms + children) to help building a new and healthy relationship and communication between them.


If you work for a charity (using Art Therapy) which we might be able to consider for our next round of charity choices, then please contact one of our team in your country.  We work with charities over a 2 or 3 year period in order to establish a more meaningful relationship.

If you would like to volunteer to help in any of our charitable activities, then please contact us in your country.

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