We are art! We create fun and welcoming events that introduce people to inspiring art works. We make art collectors and find thousands of artworks happy homes. 

Ramsay Fairs is an international event management company specialising in art fairs. We run 16 fairs around the world every year attracting over 220,000 visitors. Each event is on for 3-4 days, hosts between 50 and 130 galleries, and generates thousands of art sales. Our brands include Affordable Art Fair, PULSE Contemporary Art and VOLTA.

We recently launched an online portal www.affordableart.com


In a bid to shake off the reputation that the art world is stuffy and unwelcoming, Will Ramsay, launched the Affordable Art Fair brand in the Autumn of 1999.  The fair, which took place in Battersea Park in London, welcomed 10,000 visitors and gave art lovers the chance to view and purchase a wide range and styles of contemporary artwork. What made this fair stand out? The setting was relaxed and informal, the galleries welcoming and friendly and perhaps more importantly, the art was affordable! 

The event was a hit and so began the story of Ramsay Fairs. 


Whilst our two fairs in Battersea remain a steadfast of the calendar we now host 15 fairs annually throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. Every year, we welcome over 250,000 visitors globally and a staggering £350(€400/$450)million worth of art has found new homes. 

We are delighted to offer a stage for both local and international galleries exhibiting everything from original prints and photography to contemporary paintings and sculpture. Visitors view art created by long time favourites and the rising stars of the creative world. 

We have a real thirst for art and here at Ramsay Fairs, we are thrilled to be able to share this passion with the world. 

Will Ramsay, CEO & Founder

“In 1996, I opened the doors to Will’s Art Warehouse showcasing works priced between £50 – £2,500, from a pool of over 150 relatively unknown artists. Prices were clearly displayed and we were always on hand to give customers more information. Everyone loved the relaxed atmosphere in which they were free to take their time browsing the work – and that is what inspired the idea for the Affordable Art Fair. Over the years, each fair has developed its own distinct character and offers a diverse range to suit all tastes, styles and wallets. What remains constant is the emphasis on accessibility, education and innovation, to ensure a fun day out surrounded by great art is had by all!

We are now selling art online too, extending our fairs into a 365 day shop for art."